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Inc., dated May 24, 1996

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Published date:   May 24, 1996

Company name:     ASAP Solutions Inc.

Address:          5963 La Place Court, Suite 111
                  Carlsbad, Calif. 92008

Telephone No.:    619/930-0711

Chief Executive
 Officer:         Ghassan Y. Yacoub

Chief Financial
 Officer:         Harold W. Slusser

Investor Relations
 Contact:         Harold W. Slusser
 Business number: 619/451-1777

Public Relations
 Contact:         Vera Novosel
 Business number: 619/930-0412

Industry:         Information


Company description:

   ASAP Solutions Inc. is a San Diego-based, privately held
information company that specializes in organizing electronic
communities.  Founded in 1994, the company was first to establish
conduits within emerging markets using the Internet and the World
Wide Web as a global distribution medium.
   ASAP Solutions co-founded IndiaWorld with Ravi Database
Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (RDC).  IndiaWorld currently supplies daily
electronic news, information and commerce to/from India.
   ASAP Solutions is a founder and exclusive operations arm for
StarWorld Online Inc. in the United States.  In this role ASAP
Solutions is enabling StarWorld an early lead in establishing and
operating interactive global communities that receive and
communicate fresh, high-quality and reliable information from within
the world's largest emerging markets.
   MexicoWorld is the second emerging market community constructed
in partnership with CIASA.
   Within the next few years, ASAP Solutions and its partners plan
to focus on establishing interactive communities on the Web/Internet
for other types of communities that share common interests.  By
utilizing new and innovative technologies, people with similar
heritages or long-term interests dispersed throughout the world will
be brought together.
   ASAP Solutions is continuously seeking co-marketing, licensing
and revenue-sharing agreements with local and cosmopolitan companies
that are interested in the opportunities of information distribution
and electronic commerce.

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   CONTACT:  ASAP Solutions Inc.


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